What’s it like to be an animal?

My friend, Jenny, heard an environmentalist called Bob Mack on the radio. She was so impressed, she went to meet him to talk about nature. They went for a walk while they chatted. He took her to a secluded nook of Studley Park and said, ‘Right. Get your gear off.’

She thought, ‘Uh oh. Here we go.’ But, no, he insisted, there was an environmental reason to get naked. After some badinage she very reluctantly agreed and eventually squatted down amongst the saplings and sparse scrub with no clothes to protect her. He pointed out that she was now as close to a wallaby as she could get.

How do you think that felt?

Vulnerable, sitting naked in the bush, hoping that nobody came along and ready to run like hell if anyone saw her.

He gave her empathy.

Yellow-tailed wallaby at the Adelaide Zoo

Yellow-tailed wallaby at the Adelaide Zoo

He helped her to understand what it might be like to be an animal because we don’t really know.  We have to imagine.

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