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Currently living in Spain, I am working as an assistant English teacher in a small town on the Costa Brava. So far this year, 2016, I have visited Hong Kong, Spain, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Denmark and fleetingly, Sweden. I really enjoyed walking the Camino de Santiago in June and July. I walked the Camino del Norte, starting in Irun and went through the Primitivo Way to Finisterre.

I’ve worked, amongst other things, as a performer, administrator, gardener, Mexican short-order cook, assistant stage manager, script editor and writer.

I’ve published reviews, articles and short stories. You can find my Wire Short Stories on issuu, together with some other publications.

I self-published The Ektek Trilogy and blog here, at ourrelationshipwithnature.com

Man of Clay is my first adult novel. Let me know what you think!


Victoria Osborne leaning on the final milepost in the Camino across Spain

Victoria Osborne at the end of the world. I may be looking pleased with myself for walking across Spain but the charming young woman who took this photo started in Prague. She spent three months walking across Germany, France and Spain.

Also, if you are interested in the lie of the land of the Camino del Norte/Primitivo, you might be interested in watching my video, Footage:



The wicked Step-mother and her crooked maker. Thankfully, Seth Eberle played the Step-mother in the performance giving her immense joie de vivre! (I played one of her delightful daughters) Photo: Mirek Trejtnar

During my time in Europe I was lucky enough to attend Titimundi, the best little puppet festival in the world. Set in the old town of Segovia, where a Roman viaduct soars with the swallows most of the puppet shows take place in beautiful antique patios of ancient palaces. Watching French company, La Perdue’s version of Punch performed energetically and featuring chickens, I was struck by the timelessness of this art. Here we were in a thousand year old palace garden, with the beautifully painted booth set up against a curving wall decorated in fresh spring vine leaves, watching a spectacle that might have played just the same way three hundred, nay six hundred years before. That puppet booth was a time machine. This year UNIMA’s World Puppet Festival, which happens every four years, played in San Sebastian/Donastia. I saw some incredible shows there, among them La Licorne’s breathless Spartacus, another French wonder. After that I went to Puppets in Prague, to spend a month making, rehearsing and performing Popelka (Cinderella) with a talented bunch of artists.



I have tried some yoga classes in Spanish, found some flexible teachers in Gracia in Barcelona who teach in English and enjoyed a class in Catalan with Brisa.

Breathing, Open Arms Workshop, Blanes, photo Munsa Anton


Visible veins, Open Arms Workshop, photo Munsa Anton


Top feet, Open Arms Workshop, Blanes, photo Munsa Anton (this is a lot easier than it looks!)


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