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Beautiful whale film narrated by George Monbiot

How whales change climate is an inspiring film that supposes humans care about our planet. Hmm.

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It’s produced by Sustainable Human and they are worth a visit.

New! Prize for finding typo IN book! Excitement! Wow!

Paint by numbers kit of panda eating bamboo


Where are those typos? Find ’em and you’ll win this AMAZING painting kit! Banish boredom for at least ten minutes while you colour within the lines. A decent typo from within the pages of The Ektek Trilogy (obviously if it’s the panda then it might be better coming from the last one!)

Good luck.

And I’ll even send it to you!


Le Guinn reminds us to Make Good Art (thanks, Gaiman!)

Would love to write a searing diatribe about humanity’s lack of humanity to humanity and every other species but, hey, who wants to read that? So, instead, here’s Ursula Le Guinn.

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Thank you so much, Ms Le Guinn.


I can’t help feeling that I’d quite like my books to be sold like deodorant, or any commodity at all actually, but as they are quietly sitting unread, they must be ART!! Therefore, I am an artist. Whatever I make must be art and so on round the cycle. I art therefore I art.

And what’s more, I can honestly say I have not sold out. That’s reassuring.

And nothing to do with

Ursula Le Guinn

who is a great artist who has not sold out and completely deserves her Lifetime Award. I look forward to reading and rereading her work for many years to come.