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If you find a typo you shall be rewarded …

I need your help! I haven’t been able to find a publisher for books I’ve written. So I’m putting them up here for your assistance! What should I do with these manuscripts? Maybe if I give them away, then someone might download them, read them and like them.

Perhaps you? Will you take a look? Maybe you’ll share them with your friends?

Perhaps you’ll comment? I’d really appreciate your help. Perhaps you’ll find a typo and let me know about it?

Send an email to:

or you can just make a comment. Any sort of constructive observation would be fantastic! Thank you in advance.

What sort of reward would a newly-discovered typo be worth? I believe Corey Doctorow offers to name a future character after the finder? Or do you get a copy of a physical book should such a thing ever become available? What do you think?

Creative Commons symbolI’ve used one of the Creative Commons licences created by Lawrence Lessig, Hal Abelson and James Boyle. It’s a great system that makes the most of the thing the internet does best. Sharing.


Counting the World!

Picture of the planet in darkness

Royalty free image of Earth


How many planets? Count them … Watch this clip!